WinWrap® Basic - VBA and VB.NET compatible scripting for Windows COM & .NET applications


WinWrap® Basic WinWrap® Basic in Action

A low cost, powerful .NET/WPF/COM component which is an alternative to ActiveX, VBScript, VB6, VBA, Sax Basic and VSTA scripting. Hundreds of developers world-wide depend on WinWrap® Basic to provide their customers with advanced end-user scripting and automation. Available for both Windows 32 and 64 bit applications.

WinWrap® Basic Solutions

We've put together this convenient and effective Pictorial Index to the WinWrap® Basic solutions for your convenience.

WinWrap® Basic solutions
Sax Basic or Sax ActiveX Scripting developers interested in converting to WinWrap® Basic should review the licensing information and the Converting Sax Basic or Converting Sax ActiveX Scripting page.

Cypress Enable developers needing to update their scripting support will find that WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful conversion path for Cypress Enable developers.

Script Development Environment
Custom Behavior and Calculations
Customer Specific Configuration
Application Specific Script Extensions
Custom Dialogs
Custom Reports
Data Preprocessing and Postprocessing
Application Automation
Automate Scientific Equipment
Control 3rd-Party Devices and APIs

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