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WinWrap® | Announcing WinWrap® Basic v10.52
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January 01, 2023

Announcing WinWrap® Basic v10.52

Polar Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of WinWrap® Basic v10.52. These are the additions/changes:

  • Conditional Script Parsing
  • Watch Window Enhancements

Conditional Script Parsing

  • Support #Const, #If, #ElseIf, #Else and #End If directives in all scripting languages
  • Conditional expressions
  • Conditional contants
  • Conditional operators
  • Skipped conditional code
  • Display skipped script code as light gray text

For more information please read Conditional Script Parsing.

Watch Window Enhancements

  • Expand * to show all variables the current procedure
  • Expand expr.* to show all the variables/properties of the object
  • Highlight value changes

For more information please read Watch Window Enhancements.

Copyright Polar Engineering, Inc.