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WinWrap® | Upgrading to v10.40
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Upgrading to v10.40

Auto completion and parameter information in the IDE change in v10.40.

Auto Completion Unit

Auto completion and parameter information are supplied by the Auto Completion Unit. Prior to v10.40 the Auto Completion Unit was implemented in the IDE (BasicIDECtl control).

v10.35 Auto Completion Unit

In v10.40 the Auto Completion Unit is now implemented in the script engine (BasicNoUIObj object).

v10.40 Auto Completion Unit

This change makes collaborative editing possible. Moving the Auto Completion Unit from the IDE to the script engine enables the script engine to get symbol information for any script, even scripts not in an IDE sheet. The IDE gets symbol information from the script engine via synchronize messages. This does lead to some additional considerations in host applications:

  • Scripts are cached in the script engine. It may be necessary for the host application to manage cache entries when scripts are changed outside of the WinWrap® Basic environment. See the SetMacroStale method.
  • When the BasicNoUIObj object's SynchronizedEdit proerty is True, scripts are written from the cache by the WriteMacro event or the IVirtualFileSystem.Write method. (For the WriteMacro event only: if FileTools is True scripts with file names are automatically written to the OS file system.)

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