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VBA and VB.NET compatible scripting for Windows® COM and .NET applications

WinWrap® Basic

  • Hundreds of developers world-wide depend on WinWrap® Basic to provide their customers with advanced end-user scripting and automation.
  • WinWrap® Basic is a low cost, powerful .NET/WPF/COM component which is an alternative to ActiveX, VBScript, VB6, VBA, Sax Basic and VSTA scripting.
  • Available for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows.
We've put together this convenient and effective Pictorial Index to the WinWrap® Basic solutions for your convenience. WinWrap® Basic Solutions

Integrated Development Environment

  • Editing scripts with auto completion.
  • Debug scripts with breakpoints and variable inspection.
  • Compile Scripts Using Microsoft's VB.NET Compiler Component.
  • Utilize the full power of VB.NET code
  • Access to the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Display WPF XAML or WinForms user interfaces

Moving to WinWrap® Basic

  • Sax Basic or Sax ActiveX Scripting developers interested in converting to WinWrap® Basic should review the licensing information and the Converting Sax Basic or Converting Sax ActiveX Scripting page.
  • Cypress Enable developers needing to update their scripting support will find that WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful conversion path for Cypress Enable developers.
  • Microsoft® MSScript control developers interested in moving to a compatible script environment.
  • Even developers using custom in-house Basic can move to WinWrap® Basic.
Move to WinWrap® Basic

Extendable Scripting Language

  • Access to classes, methods, properties and events of the host application from scripts.
  • Extend language with data specific enhancements (such as filtering/transforming).
  • Expose specific host application objects to scripts.
  • Drive user interface via script commands.
  • Implement application specific tasks using script libraries.
  • Publish application scripting object model.

Automate Scientific Equipment

  • Interface third party instruments.
  • Set, read instrument parameters.
  • Control instrument activity.
  • Standardize the differences among the instruments with a single interface.
  • Automate capture driven processes when documents are received.
  • Take real-time action in response to instrument input.

Add Custom Reporting

  • Configure custom reports.
  • Define custom report calculations.
  • Log execution data.
  • Visualize, manage and customize reports to specific user needs.
  • Produce web pages featuring dynamic information.
  • Format clipboard data.

Automate Applications

  • Implement application specific batch processes.
  • Specify parameters and actions.
  • Repeat measurements, skip measurements (branch), or change measurement settings.
  • Expose objects to perform any sequence of UI actions.
  • Iterate calculations and consolidate results.
  • Start application task and retrieve results.

Customize Dialogs

  • Consolidate user input with scripted custom dialogs.
  • Create predefined screen layouts.
  • Display a message if the data needs to be changed or reviewed.
  • Enforce data input rules.
  • Develop dialogs for customary business practices.
  • Adapt user interface to meet custom requirements.

Add Custom Behavior & Calculations

  • Enforce business rules.
  • Implement specific event handlers.
  • Trigger activity from live measurements.
  • Validate a UI field entry.
  • Verification routines.
  • Adjust language extension behavior.

Data Pre/Post Processing

  • Retrieve information.
  • Import and export data.
  • Transfer data to or from external programs.
  • Interact with databases.
  • Automate with customized data updates.
  • Upload the data to the application.

Customize & Extend Configurations

  • Customize and extend a generic application
  • Implement customer specific application logic
  • Implement custom user interfaces for specific clients
  • Interface an application to customer specific resources
  • Setup customer requested application shortcuts
  • Patch or update installed applications

Interact with 3rd Party Devices and APIs

  • Reference third party ActiveX interfaces.
  • Reference third party .NET interfaces.
  • Control devices via object model.
  • Set parameters.
  • Retrieve data.
  • Sequence operations.

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