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WinWrap® | Announcing WinWrap® Basic Compile Option
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September 09, 2009

Announcing WinWrap® Basic Compile Option

Polar Engineering is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a Compile Option for WinWrap® Basic Version 10.

With the WinWrap® Basic Version 10 Compile Option you can speed up WWB.NET code by 100 times, or more.

WinWrap® Basic Compile Option Features

  • Compile speed-critical WinWrap® Basic library projects
  • Utilize the full power of VB.NET code
  • Access application defined language extensions
  • Call compiled code directly from WWB.NET scripts
  • Call compiled code from both COM and .NET host applications
  • Call compiled code via delegates
  • Use any of thousands of .NET Framework Classes

Where script execution speed is critical, you now have the option of compiling the script as a WWB.NET/Compiled library. Click on one of the links below to evaluate the WinWrap® Basic Compile Option.

When to Use Compiled Code Libraries

WinWrap® Basic's compile option is a good choice for compute intensive code, speed critical code routines.

  • Maximum execution speed is critical
  • Compiled computations are guaranteed to be fast
  • Or, the computations can be broken into chunks

When to Use Scripted Code Modules

WinWrap® Basic's WWB.NET scripting development and execution environment has been optimized for script writers and users.

  • Allows users to pause and halt executing scripts
  • Cooperatively multitasks with the foreground task
  • Optimized debugging features
  • Call compiled code libraries

How the WinWrap® Basic Compile Option is Implemented

WinWrap® Basic implements the WWB.NET/Compiled language using Microsoft's VB.NET compiler component. A WWB.NET/Compiled project is compiled on demand the first time it is used. Changes to the project cause the code to be recompiled on demand the next time it is used. The compiled code is completely managed by the WinWrap Basic environment. Additionally, the language extensions added by the application are available from a WWB.NET/Compiled project.

Compile Option

WinWrap® Basic Compile Option Example

WinWrap® Basic designates compiled code with the '#Language "WWB.NET/Compiled" directive.
PROJECT 10 Attribute CompileId = "32673FB89ACD4AE686F2D5021E13F644" '#Language "WWB.NET/Compiled" Project PrimesLibrary LoadModule "PrimesLibrary-Engine.wwm" End Project
The NthPrime function calulates the nth prime, returning it to the calling routine.
Imports System.Collections Module Engine Private primes As ArrayList Public Function NthPrime(ByVal limit As Integer) As Long primes = New ArrayList primes.Add(2) Dim n As Long = 1 Do Until primes.Count >= limit n += 2 If IsPrime(n) Then primes.Add(n) Loop Return primes.Item(limit-1) End Function Private Function IsPrime(ByVal n As Long) As Boolean Dim limit As Long = CLng(n ^ .5) For Each prime As Long In primes If prime > limit Then Exit For If n Mod prime = 0 Then Return False Next Return True End Function End Module
Refer to the project announcement to learn more about WinWrap® Basic Version 10 projects.


Speed up WWB.NET code by 100 times, or more, with the WinWrap® Basic Version 10 compiler option. Where execution speed is critical WinWrap® Basic Version 10's new compile capability will provide the solution.

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