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WinWrap® | Data Blocks (inline text blocks)
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January 24, 2023

Data Blocks (inline text blocks)

Data Blocks

  • #Data...#End Data
  • Multiple line string constant
  • Data encoded as text

Sample with an data block of encrypted text

The #Data block (WinWrap Basic v10.52) as been encrypted with the key "Lincoln".

Data Block

Running the script displays the first paragraph of the "Gettysburg Address."

Data Block

Script code

'#Language "WWB-COM" #Data "encrypted-text" lm4i/h5MZUPzIYsagNg676m/b2PZpovj76LspqBHx9n138/+7YpWb9h4BE31Ulr9wbsABV/aGkuQ JRTc1pKrk1VoFgt1PU7KbkkYpzM2AoYr+iBudTV3Z4NmM1iZmc2Ga86LqBT+AidoPoUIH824ILX7 YskvyaUGMVpcuesYwJeoEJx/1/4Kc1Mlg2e970+MWxaekpCiLXsN85zytL6x1arCuDv9xlezMk6J 3lCRnnE76tFJ29A7/g== #End Data Sub Main Dim key As String key = "Lincoln" Text = Decrypt64(MacroData("encrypted-text"), key) MsgBox text End Sub

The source code displayed here doesn't color the #Data block contents in the literal text color.

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