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WinWrap® | Script Debugger
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June 23, 2010

Script Debugger

Applications including the WinWrap® Basic BasicIdeCtl .NET scripting runtime ship with a fully featured development environment including an editor and a debugger.

Script Debugging

  • Debugging for WWB-COM scripts
  • Debugging for WWB.NET scripts
  • Debugging for WWB VB5.0 and VB6.0 scripts
  • Optimized script debugging features

Hover Over Script Argument to Reveal Argument Value

Script Debugger

WinWrap® Basic Components Debug Capability

WinWrap® Basic Component Debugging Capability
BasicIdeCtl .NET Component Macro editing, execution and debugging are supported through the IDE embedded in the form
BasicNoUIObj .NET Component Macro editing and debugging are not supported
BasicIdeObj .NET Component Macro editing and debugging are supported through the IDE in the overlapped window

The IDE supports project creation, editing, running and debugging when ProjectMode is true. Encrypted scripts can't be changed, viewed or debugged by an end-user.

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