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March 01, 2010

Announcing WinWrap® Basic / Sax Basic Compatibility

The WinWrap® Basic Scripting Engine Version 10 with WWB-COM Language delivers fully compatible support for Sax Basic legacy scripts.

The WinWrap® Basic WWB-COM Scripting Language delivers:

  • Fully compatible support for Sax Basic legacy scripts
  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • Support for VBA style scripts
  • Access to the .NET Host via COM interop
  • Access to the ActiveX Host
  • Editing and autocompletion for WWB-COM scripts
  • Debugging for WWB-COM scripts

WinWrap® Basic

WinWrap Basic Macro-Mode

Polar Engineering has designed WinWrap® Basic to minimize the effort and maximize the compatibility of enabling your existing VB6, MFC, or ATL (COM host) applications to run on the latest Windows operating systems.

In addition, developers migrating legacy code to the new .NET development environment can utilize WinWrap® Basic to maintain their Sax Basic investment and add new capabilities to their .NET host applications.

COM Host Application Developers

Join the growing number of Sax Basic developers that are enjoying the new capabilities with WinWrap® Basic Scripting Engine and still have complete and compatible support for existing Sax Basic legacy scripts.

.NET Host Application Developers

Utilize the .NET Host COM interop capability to provide complete compatibility for existing Sax Basic legacy scripts. And, enjoy all the features of .NET in your Host Application.

Migrating VB6 to .NET

If you are considering transitioning from a VB6 host application to a .NET host application, the following code demonstrates how the legacy Sax Basic code is fully supported in both hosts by the WinWrap® Scripting Language control. The host application creates the application object and then extends the WinWrap® Basic language using the BasicIdeCtl AddExtension and AddExtensionWithEvents methods.

WinWrap® Basic script accessing a host application object

Sub Main
    ' modify .NET/COM host application object
    AppObject.Value = "hi"
End Sub

' value changed event for .NET/COM host application object
Public Sub AppObject_ValueChanged()
    ' display .NET/COM application object changed value
    MsgBox AppObject.Value
End Sub

VB6 code for COM host

AppObject class module:

Private value_ As String

Public Event ValueChanged()

Public Property Get Value() As String
    Value = value_
End Property

Public Property Let Value(ByVal newValue As String)
    value_ = newValue
    RaiseEvent ValueChanged()
End Property

VB.NET code for .NET host

AppObject class module:

<Microsoft.VisualBasic.ComClass(), _
System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComVisible(True)> _
Public Class AppObject
    Private value_ As String

    Public Event ValueChanged()

    Public Property Value() As String
            Value = value_
        End Get
        Set(ByVal Value As String)
            value_ = Value
                RaiseEvent ValueChanged()
            End Try
        End Set
    End Property
End Class


In summary, whether you are migrating to .NET or are continuing to use VB6, the WinWrap® Basic Scripting Engine Version 10 will provide Sax Basic script compatibility for your customers.

Copyright Polar Engineering, Inc.