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June 03, 2014

Script Your Application's Object Model

Use your application's own object model and the WinWrap® Basic scripting control to create a scriptable application.

Enable Scripting of Your Application Object Model:

  • Elevate scriptable members and types to the WWB.NET language
  • Edit scripts with auto completion for your object model
  • Run, debug and pause scripts controlling your application
  • UI active while script execution occurs

Enable Scripting of Your Application Object Model

The application uses the AddScriptableObjectModel method to add the "scriptable" portions of the application's object model to the WWB.NET language.

AddScriptableObjectModel adds a static scriptable class's methods, and events directly to the WinWrap® Basic scripting language. Types in the static class's name space are also added. Use the [Scriptable] attribute on a type or member to enable script access.

This is a great way to add scripting to your application.

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