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WinWrap® | Symbol Highlighting
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September 03, 2019

Symbol Highlighting

Symbol Highlighting (v10.41+):

  • Highlight all instances of symbol by clicking on it
  • Navigate to other instances of the symbol with a scollbar
  • Navigate using Shift-Alt arrow hot-keys

Symbol Highlighting

Clicking on pv in line #13 highlights all the references to pv and its definition. The definition has a rectangle outline around the highlight.

'#Language "WWB-COM" Option Explicit Module M1 Public pv As String Friend fv As String End Module Sub Main M1.pv = "hi" Assert M1.pv, "hi" pv = "bye" Assert pv, "bye" fv = "private" Assert fv, "private" End Sub Sub Assert(ByVal e1 As Variant, ByVal e2 As Variant) If e1 <> e2 Then Stop End Sub


In addition to highlighting the symbol, a scroll bar for rapidly selecting a symbol is displayed in the upper right.


Symbol Highlighting


Rapidly locate all instances of a symbol in a script and navigate to the definition, next or previous reference.

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