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WinWrap® | Symbol Information
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August 20, 2018

Symbol Information

The new SymbolInfo method allows WinWrap® Basic host applications to:

  • Determine what's in a script before execution
  • Execute script code conditionally based on the script's structure and content
  • Get expression result type

Get Symbol Information

  • Get global methods, structures, types, modules, classes and enums
  • Get members of scripts, structures, types, modules, classes and enums
  • Return identifier definition location

See Symbol Info Method for how a WinWrap® Basic host application can get symbol information from the Auto Completion Unit.

  • public string SymbolInfo( String fileName, String expr, Int32 index, Boolean publicOnly );

See Symbol Info Solution for detailed information and examples on how a WinWrap® Basic host application can get and use the SymbolInfo method.

  • Class, Enum, Module, Structure and Type symbol information
  • Location based symbol information
  • Expression and location based symbol information
  • Supports all scripting languages (WWB-COM, WWB-NET and WWB-NET/Compiled)

See Announcing WinWrap® Basic v10.40 for an overview of the additions and changes in the WinWrap® Basic v10.40 release:

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