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WinWrap® | Web Based Editing (v10.40)
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October 24, 2018

Web Based Editing (v10.40)

WinWrap® Basic Web Based Editing (v10.40+)

WinWrap® Basic Javascript Framework

  • Browser editing using monaco and jquery
  • WinWrap Basic editing and execution via ajax
  • Collaborative editing

Web Page Client (v10.40)

Web Page Client

WinWrap® Basic supports script editing, debugging and execution from a web page. Editing capability requires the collaborative editing option.

Web Based Editing Quick Setup


  • Server machine running (latest) Windows 10 Pro
  • Client (remote) machine running (latest) Windows 10 Pro using Public Network profile
  • Server machine with WinWrap development environment installed
  • WinWrap Basic scripts under a directory on the server machine

Install the Web Based Editing Server on a WinWrap Development Machine

  • Download and expand "WinWrap Edit Server Deploy" from GitHub repository
  • Execute winwrap_edit_server.exe
  • This will launch the Web Based Editing page
  • A sample script Sample1.bas is available for editing
  • This sample script is located in the directory C:\Users\user\Documents\WebEditServer

Configure the winwrap_edit_server.exe shortcut for LAN usage

  • Create a shortcut to "winwrap_edit_server.exe log ip=serverip port=5000 start= scriptroot=scriptrootdirectory"
  • Execute the winwrap_edit_server.exe shortcut
  • When asked "Allow winwrap_edit_server to communicate on Public networks"

Use Web Based Edition from a remote LAN machine

  • Access the URL
Web Page Client

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