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WinWrap® | Welcome to the new WinWrap® Basic Website
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February 05, 2015

Welcome to the new WinWrap® Basic Website

The WinWrap® Basic website is updated to better support WinWrap® Basic customers and evaluators. We hope you enjoy our new look.

Overview and changes:

  • Home page shows the many industry uses of WinWrap® Basic
  • WinWrap® Basic Languages and References documentation combined under Basic
  • Evaluate WinWrap® Basic with one simple request
  • Order WinWrap® Basic in one of three configurations
  • Review solutions to a variety of WinWrap® Basic usage cases
  • Search the WinWrap® Basic website using Bing's search engine API

New WinWrap® Basic Website

For over 20 years Polar Engineering and Consulting has been licensing WinWrap® Basic to devlopers all over the world. We are happy to introduce our new website with all the wonderful documentation in a newer/cleaner style. We hope you enjoy our new site. Thanks for you many years of interest in WinWrap® Basic.

Scripting with WinWrap® Basic:

  • Automated Scientific Equipment
  • Custom reporting
  • Automate applications
  • Customize dialogs
  • Add custom behavior and calculations
  • Data Pre/Post Processing
  • Customize and extend configurations
  • Interact with 3rd party devices/APIs

WinWrap® Basic provides an integrated development environment with an extendable end-user sripting language.

Copyright Polar Engineering, Inc.