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WinWrap® | WWB.NET From Unmanaged (COM) Applications
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March 25, 2021

WWB.NET From Unmanaged (COM) Applications

WinWrap® Basic Scripting Engine includes the WWB.NET Language Option enabling developer and end-user scripts to access and call the thousands of reusable classes from Microsoft's .NET Framework.

Starting with WinWrap® Basic v10.50.035 using WWB.NET or WWB.NET/Compiled from an unmanaged (COM) application no longer requires any registration step. (The setup-32u.msi and setup-64u.msi steps are no longer required). (The WWB.NET option is still required.)

WWB.NET Scripting Language

Unmanaged (COM) Application Developers

WinWrap's WWB.NET Scripting Language Option enables developers and end-users to access and call the thousands of reusable classes in the .NET Framework. In fact, adding the WinWrap® Scripting Engine with the WWB.NET Language Option to your COM application may be the most cost effective to add the entire power of the Microsoft .NET Framework to your existing COM application.

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