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WinWrap® | Rapid Autocompletion With Substring Matching
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January 27, 2012

Rapid Autocompletion With Substring Matching

Leverage built-in documentation with rapid autocompletion for WWB.NET and WWB-COM macros.

WinWrap® Basic Script Editor Rapid Autocompletion

  • Autocompletion now matches internal substrings
  • Rapid autocompletion editing for WWB.NET and WWB-COM scripts/macros
  • Increases power of built-in documentation capability of autocompletion
  • Easier to find types that include a shared name

Selecting an Exception Value with Rapid Autocompletion

For example, rapid autocompletion provides a couple of dozen Exception autocompletion choices.

Rapid Autocompletion

Selecting an Exception Value without Rapid Autocompletion

For example, without rapid autocompletion the Exception types are difficult to find.

Autocompletion All Entries

Sample WinWrap® Basic Script

With Rapid Autocompletion the script writer can more easily implement powerful scripts.

#Language "WWB.NET" Enum Color Red = 1 Green = 2 Blue = 3 End Enum Sub Main For Each eColor As Color In {Color.Green, 4} Try Debug.Print("The name of Color enumeration " _ & eColor & " is " & ColorName(eColor) & ".") Catch ex As System.Exception Debug.Print(ex.Message) End Try Next Stop End Sub Function ColorName(ByVal aColor As Color) As String Select Case aColor Case Color.Red, Color.Green, Color.Blue Return aColor.ToString Case Else Throw New System.IndexOutOfRangeException( "The value " & aColor.ToString & " is not a valid Color enumeration.") End Select End Function

Running the Rapid Autocompletion Sample

PrimaryColor Enumeration Execute

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