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January 13, 2010

Speed up WinWrap® Basic Scripts by 100 Times

  • Compile speed-critical and compute intensive scripts
  • Access application defined language extensions
  • Call compiled code directly from WWB.NET scripts
  • Call compiled code from both COM and .NET host applications

Speed up WinWrap® Basic Scripts by 100 Times

WinWrap® Basic implements the WWB.NET/Compiled language using Microsoft's VB.NET compiler component. A WWB.NET/Compiled project is compiled on demand the first time it is used. Changes to the project cause the code to be recompiled on demand the next time it is used. The compiled code is completely managed by the WinWrap Basic environment. Additionally, the language extensions added by the application are available from a WWB.NET/Compiled project.

For more information on WinWrap® Basic Compile features see the WinWrap® Basic Compile Option Features Solution Page.

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