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WinWrap® | Dark Mode
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March 04, 2024

Dark Mode

WinWrap® Basic now supports Dark Mode.

WinWrap® Basic Dark Mode

  • IDE's script editor, auto completion and parameter info
  • IDE's dialog boxes (Edit | References, Edit | UserDialog, etc)
  • Script's UserDialogs
  • Script's MsgBox instruction/function

Dark Mode

Script Editing

Dark Mode

Auto Completion

Dark Mode Auto Completion

Parameter Info

Dark Mode Parameter Info

Dark mode is enabled with the DarkMode feature. If your application already handles dark mode for all other type of windows, then you are done.

Full Dark Mode Experience

Alternatively, get the full benifit of dark mode in WinWrap® Basic you can also enable:

Enabling all the DarkMode, DarkModeDialogs, DarkModeMsgBoxes and DarkModeButtons features provides a rich dark mode experience.

Edit | Reference Dialog

Dark Mode

Edit | UserDialog

Dark Mode

Script Execution of a UserDialog

Dark Mode

Download the latest release of WinWrap® Basic and run WinWrap Director with the /darkmode switch to see what Dark Mode can do for your application.

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