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Date Feature v10 v9 v8 v7 v6 v5 v4 v3 v2 v1
10/18 Web based editing. X                  
10/14 Class blocks in macros/modules added. X                  
7/13 Safe Scripting with sandboxing. X                  
1/10 WPF platform support added. X                  
9/09 Projects added. X                  
9/09 WWB.NET/Compiled language support added. X                  
1/09 Script Encryption added. X                  
1/09 Certicates added. X                  
7/07 WWB.NET language support added.   X                
6/06 Full UNICODE support added.   X                
1/06 Remote control added.     X              
12/05 Native .NET 2.0 host application support added.     X              
10/05 Win64 (x64) support added.     X              
10/03 Early binding support added.       X            
8/99 BasicIdeObj object added.         X          
4/98 Syntax highlighting editor added.           X        
4/98 VB6 support.           X        
8/97 VB5 support.             X      
11/95 VB4 support. 32/16 bits.               X    
9/94 VB3 support. 16 bits.                 X  
10/93 First version of WinWrap® Basic.                   X