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WinWrap® | Cypress Enable and WinWrap® Basic
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August 21, 2012

Cypress Enable and WinWrap® Basic

Cypress Enable developers needing to update their scripting support will find that WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful conversion path for Cypress Enable developers.

WinWrap® Basic is Compatible with Cypress Enable

ActiveX Scripting Host
Powerful Scripting API

Script Editor/Debugger

Built-In Documentation

VBA Compatibility

VBScript Compatibility

Cypress Enable and WinWrap® Basic Feature Comparison

Feature Cypress Enable WinWrap® Basic
Development Status Enable 4.227 released Sept 2005 Under active development by Polar Engineering
Visual Basic Scripting VBA, VBScript VB6, VB.NET
32 Bit support Yes Yes
64 Bit support Must compile host as a 32bit app Yes, Full 64-bit support
COM/ActiveX support Yes Yes
.NET Scripting support Unknown Yes, VB.NET compatible (WWB.NET) scripting option available
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Yes Yes, Full development IDE with script editing, autocompletion, and debug capabilities
End-User IDE Yes Yes
Autocompletion Script tips Yes, Builtin documentation via IDE script editor object/method autocompletion capability
Debugging Yes Yes, Full debugging capability
Editor Yes IDE includes script editor with autocompletion and script debugging
Windows 7 Support Unknown Yes
Windows 8 Support Unknown Yes
Scripting calls to application functionality Callbacks are registered Application object model is promoted to the scripting environment
Unicode support Yes Yes
Word style dynamic dialogs Yes Yes
COM Host support Yes Yes
.NET Host support Unknown Yes
WPF Host support Unknown Yes
Windows Forms Dialogs Unknown Yes
WPF Dialogs Unknown Yes

WinWrap® Basic is Being Actively Developed by Polar Engineering

WinWrap® Basic
Scripting Features

VB.NET Compatibility

Supports 64-Bit Windows
Host Applications

Show WPF XAML Dialogs

Visual Studio 2012

Cypress Enable to WinWrap® Basic Scripting Conversion

WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful conversion path for Cypress Enable developers.

WinWrap® Basic provides a good conversion path from Cypress Enable. WinWrap® Basic works under 64 bits, has a full development environment, and is being actively developed.

Copyright Polar Engineering, Inc.