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December 11, 2013

Why Application Developers Use WinWrap® Basic Scripting

WinWrap® Basic is an embedded macro language component available for .NET and COM 32/64 bit Windows applications.

  • Works in 64 Bit Applications
  • VB.NET Compatible Scripting
  • Secure User Scripting
  • Full Scripting Design Environment
  • .NET Scripting Host
  • WPF Scripting Host
  • IIS Scripting Host
  • Azure Scripting Host

WinWrap® Basic Scripting

Whether you are supporting new Microsoft operating systems, or new development options, or new deployment options, WinWrap® Basic is the solution for you.

64-Bit Windows

VB.NET Compatibile Scripting

Secure User Scripting

Full Design Environment

.NET Scripting Host

WPF Scripting Host

IIS Scripting Host

Azure Scripting Host

64-Bit Windows

  • Supports performance and reliability advantages of the 64-bit architecture
  • Allows applications to use extremely large in-memory datasets

WinWrap® Basic has native 64-bit support and is fully compatible with Windows 64 bit operating systems. 64-bit processes can access 8 terabytes of processor memory. more...

VBNET Scripting

Visual Basic .NET Compatible Scripting

  • Support for VB.NET style scripts
  • Access to the ActiveX Host Application via COM interop
  • Access to the .NET Host Application via .NET assembly
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows native support

The WinWrap® Basic Scripting Engine provides both end-users and developers with a complete VBNET compatibility solution. The WinWrap® Basic Scripting Object provides both end-users and developers with a complete application automation and customization solution. more...

Secure Scripting

Secure User Scripting

  • Safe end-user scripting
  • Block unsafe script instructions by setting Sandboxed property
  • Allow script access to safe .NET functionality
  • Permit language extensions marked as Scriptable
  • Protect server applications from unsafe scripts
  • When Sandboxed is True the IDE's autocompletion only shows the types and members allowed.

Restrict script access to the safe subset of the .NET framework. Safe scripting in a .NET application provides powerful .NET script access without compromising functionality. Windows desktop and server applications can be safely scripted by end-users. Allow end-user's to safely script server applications. Provide script access to assemblies. more...

Scripting Design

Full Scripting Design Environment

  • Debugging for WWB.NET scripts
  • Optimized script debugging features

The IDE supports project creation, editing, running and debugging when ProjectMode is true. more...


.NET Scripting Host

  • Powerful .NET scripting API
  • Extend the WinWrap® Basic language via .NET scripting automation
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows native support

The WinWrap® Basic scripting component is a low cost, powerful .NET scripting component. Applications including the WinWrap® Basic BasicIdeCtl .NET scripting runtime ship with a fully featured development environment including an editor and a debugger. more...

WPF Host

WPF Scripting Host

  • Use control/object in a WPF Window with other WPF controls
  • Manage control/object lifespan using the host WPF Window
  • WPF control/object interfaces are the same as the .NET version
  • Easily add control's menu items to host WPF window

Use WinWrap® Basic from a Windows Presentation Foundation host application. more...

IIS Host

IIS Scripting Host

  • Access .NET 4.0/4.5 assemblies from WinWrap® Basic's WWB.NET scripting language
  • Use any of thousands of .NET 4.0/4.5 Framework Classes in WWB.NET scripts
  • Use WinWrap® Basic macros to specialize and extend an IIS application
  • Provide the script writer with an API (extensions) to the host IIS application
  • Supports Windows IIS 7 and IIS 8 Web Servers

Now a developer can easily include WinWrap Basic scripting in their IIS ASP.NET application allowing the development team to develop and maintain a core web application while also enabling application script writers to use the host extension API scripting commands. Script writers extend the functionality of the web application by writing specific scripts using the core web application as a specialized tool for their purposes. more...

Azure Host

Azure Scripting Host

  • Allow users to script your Azure Web Site's object and events
  • Restrict scripting access to a subset classes, methods, properties and events
  • Promote scriptable class members into the scripting language

Use WinWrap® Basic macros to specialize and extend an Azure Web Site. Safely allow users to script using the .NET framework and extend the scripting language with web site specific capabilities. more...

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