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WinWrap® | VBScript Host msscript.ocx vs WinWrap® Basic Scripting
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December 16, 2010

VBScript Host msscript.ocx vs WinWrap® Basic Scripting

WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful upgrade path for VBScript Scripting Host developers.

VBScript Scripting Host

  • VBScript does not have 64 bit support
  • VBScript does not use .NET assemblies
  • VBScript does not provide an Integrated End-User Scripting IDE
  • VBScript has been moved to Microsoft Sustaining Engineering

VBScript and WinWrap® Basic Feature Comparison

FeatureVBScriptWinWrap® Basic
Modeled on Visual BasicSubset of VB6Superset of VB6
Uses the Component Object ModelYesYes
Development StatusMoved to Microsoft Sustaining EngineeringUnder active development by Polar Engineering
64 Bit SupportMust compile host as a 32bit appFull 64-bit support
.NET SupportVBScript has not been adapted to .NETVB.NET compatible (WWB.NET) scripting option available
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)NoFull developement IDE with script editing, autocompletion, and debug capabilities
End-User IDENoScripting IDE can be shipped with application
Uses .NET assembliesCannot access .NET assembliesFull access to .NET assemblies
Encryption3rd party obfuscators availableEncryption/Decryption option available
AutocompletionNoBuiltin documentation via IDE script editor object/method autocompletion capability
DebuggingNoFull debugging capability
EditorNoIDE includes script editor with autocompletion and script debugging
Windows 8 SupportUnknownPlanned support
Compile CapabilityNoCompile option available
Remote DebuggingNoRemote control and debugging

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WinWrap® Basic Scripting Component Includes an Integrated End-User IDE

VBScript vs WinWrap® Basic

WinWrap® Basic is Compatible with VBScript

  • Support for VBScript style scripts
  • Fully compatible support for VBS legacy scripts
  • Access to the ActiveX Host Application via COM
  • Access to the .NET Host Application via COM interop

VBScript and WinWrap® Basic are Active Scripting languages modeled on Visual Basic. VBScript and WinWrap® Basic use the Component Object Model to access their runtime environment.

For more on upgrading to WinWrap® Basic from VBScript see Upgrade from VBScript to WinWrap® Basic.

For more on WinWrap® Basic compatiblity with VBScript see WinWrap® Basic / VBScript Compatibility.

VBScript Has Been Moved to Microsoft Sustaining Engineering

"With the advent of the .NET framework, the scripting team took the decision to implement future support for VBScript within ASP.NET for web development, and therefore no new versions of the VBScript engine would be developed and it moved over to being supported by Microsoft's Sustaining Engineering Team, who are responsible for bug fixes and security enhancements."

Upgrade to WinWrap® Basic Scripting from VBScript msscript.ocx

WinWrap® Basic provides a safe and powerful upgrade path for VBScript Scripting Host developers.

WinWrap® Basic is compatible with VBScript. WinWrap® Basic works under 64 bits, has a full development environment, and is being actively developed.

WinWrap® Basic has the right features to day, and tomorrow, to place end-user scripting in your Windows application.

Copyright Polar Engineering, Inc.